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    Mặc định DJ SoundBox Pro - Tập làm DJ ( Như Virtual DJ trên PC )

    Category: Music
    Jun 10, 2011
    Version: 2.3.4
    23.7 MB
    Seller: Chris Khoury

    © 2010, Chris Khoury.

    LANGUAGES: English

    REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

    Have you been looking for the ULTIMATE SOUND SAMPLER for your NEW iOS device? Look NO Further!

    DJ SoundBox Pro is the ULTIMATE Mobile DJ SAMPLER for iOS!

    Building on the foundations set with the original DJ SoundBox, this App has been taken to the next level! With the help of Mattias Lundin for InkGraphix.com DJ SoundBox has been completely redesigned and revamped for version 2.0!

    Featuring an AUTHENTIC DJ LOOK to complement the AUTHENTIC DJ SOUND and CONTROL, DJ SoundBox is your best resource for mobile audio control!

    DJ SoundBox Pro is bundled with over 80 HIGH-FIDELITY REAL DJ Sounds, Samples and FX!!

    If that's not enough for you, the ALL NEW Sound Store offers the ability to extend the utility of DJ SoundBox Pro even further! With HUNDREDS of sounds available in packages, you can find any sound you need, with more being added all the time!

    Here are just a few of the features included with DJ SoundBox Pro:

    • 12 Programmable Sampler Pads (accepts AIF, WAV, MP3, CAF files)
    • 3 Customizable Sound Banks (Load/Save YOUR OWN Sets!)

    • Individual Controls on each Pad for Looping and Trigger Modes (Customize the whole board and preferences will be remembered!)
    • DropBox Support: Import your sounds directly into the app from your DropBox account with ease!

    • ECHO MODE: 4 separate delay settings and a variable feedback slider for ECHOING ALL SOUNDS!
    • GAIN CONTROL: Control the Master Output Volume separate from each pad volume.
    • PITCH CONTROL: Control the Pitching of all pads individually.
    • KILL ALL SWITCH: Mute ALL Sound Regardless of what is playing! (AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR ANY PERFORMANCE DJ)
    • CUTS ITSELF: Determines whether sound will overlap or cut itself before replaying.

    • *UNIVERSAL BINARY* Download one App and Install on ALL your iOS Devices! (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

    and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

    DJ SoundBox even works GREAT in unison with your own iPod Library for real time mixing of Music and FX!

    Try with Speakers or Headphones for an optimal experience.

    With all these features and MORE being added all the time, Why Wait? Try DJ SoundBox Today!

    What's new in Version 2.3.4
    Bug Fixes:

    • Crashes were a primary focus of this version and they have been reduced dramatically in comparison to the previous release.

    • Fixed bug where App would crash after saving custom sound sets with long duration audio files.

    • Fixed bug that was causing crash after loading consecutive long duration audio files.

    • Fixed bug that was causing crash when loading sound sets with blank pads.

    • Long duration audio files now play with an alternate sound method, support for Pitch/Echo is only available for shorter sounds (less than 20 seconds in duration.)


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