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Chủ đề ::: Gaston #2 -Knock'em down v1.1.1 - [UPDATE 09/07/2011] Trò chơi ném Lon [24/06/2011]

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    Mặc định Gaston #2 -Knock'em down v1.1.1 - [UPDATE 09/07/2011] Trò chơi ném Lon [24/06/2011]

    Gaston #2 -Knock'em down v1.1.0
    - Trò chơi ném Lon

    Watch out, Gaston strikes back….

    After the huge success of Gaston #1 - The Superball, Gaston is coming back to his famous office in “Gaston #2 – Knock’em down!” on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    Time to get back to work and… clean everything up, right? Well, how about doing it Gaston’s way: with fun and joy, knocking some tin cans down?
    In this wonderful episode, join this fabulous and improvised office tournament: play with Gaston and his happy friends in an incredible can knockdown contest.
    Spare your shots, challenge your aiming skills and tune your powers to get through these always-crazier can towers. Crash them, wipe them, squeeze them: knock’em down!

    Gaston #2 – Knock’em down! features:
    •The original animated comics board
    •Plug and play, easy-to-handle gameplay
    •100 different levels with insane items
    •« Sniper » shot physics and realistic sounds
    •Game Center and full share options

    Expect plenty more features, new items and tricky levels throughout 2011!
    What's new in Version 1.1.0
    - 50 new amazing levels
    - New dynamic physics engine
    - Ambient sound improved.
    - New realistic shading.
    - Added a tutorial.
    - Three new explosive elements.
    - New GUI.
    - Improved many levels.
    - 6 new background.
    - Bug Game Center fixed.
    - Mode Left / Right-handed in the options.
    - Ability to reset the game
    - Ability to listen to iTunes music.
    - Fixed some bugs.


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    Mặc định

    Gaston #2 -Knock'em down v1.1.1

    What's new in Version 1.1.1

    - Optimized the size of the game
    - Fixed some bugs


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