Photo Art

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


The laboratory of real photographic masterpieces!
Do you like and, more importantly, do you know how to take beautiful photos? Probably, you have an excellent creative vision that allows you to reflect each time on the frame a lot of things that people usually do not notice in all the manifestations of the reality!
We have created for you, and yet for hundreds of thousands of photographers- amateurs, the most modern tool for creating small and large photographic masterpieces.
"Anyone can take pictures. Dozens are able to take beautiful and correct pictures. However, only a genius can create from a successful shot a photographic masterpiece" Bernard Shaw.
We offer you exactly that instrument that will immediately release your genius! You already know how to make great shots?
Then you will be happy to consider the possibility of the application, which, like no other on the AppStore, contributes to the most successful implementation of even the richest creative potential!
Do you just try to edit photos? ArtPhoto application is exactly that program with which you can learn best this fascinating world of photography!
The ArtPhoto application is one of the most functional photo editors disposing of a wide palette of filters, colors and layout tools you need to change the frame.
Here are some of the filters provided by ArtPhoto:
- ReduseNoise - adding in the photography the background as a mosaic structure (of noise)
- AddNoise - mosaic structure of white, black, black and white, gray and different colors.
- Color filter - three standard color filters (red, green and blue), with the ability to mix them.
- Blur - the fog effect.
- CharCoal; Sepia; pasteurization.
- Exposure
- Saturation
- Hue
- Tint
- Inverse (negative)
- Black-and-white
- Contrast
It’s very easy to use the application! There are a lot of tools at your disposal:
- Brush- you can draw small and large areas of photos with it.
- ColorBurst – you can paint individual sections of photos, taking into account the general background.
- Corrections –RedEye function– it’s a function which allows to get rid of red-eye effect and Dots, with which it is possible to delete the unwanted dots on the image.
- ColonelStamp
- HistoryBrush.
You can use both ready-made images, and those taken with the help of the camera of the application for editing them. You can send any image you received as a result of editing a photo by mail, Flickr, Twitter, Facebookandsoon.
You can get acquainted with the possibilities of the application one more time in the INFO option.
This application has more than 45 original frame transformation effects:
✭ Sun Kiss;
✭ Purple Huze;
✭Old Paper;
✭Toy Camera;
✭So Emo;
✭Cyano Type;
✭Magic Hour; Hypste;
✭LoFi; Polar;
✭Red Scale;
✭ B/W;
✭Black Silver;
✭Black silver;
✭Red Mix;
✭Green Mix;
✭ 3 Tone;
✭Two Tone;
✭Old Print;
✭Out Of Focus;
✭Y Mirror;
✭X Mirror;
✭XY Mirror;

The application ArtPhoto has the most necessary tools for getting the best results!
Do you want to learn how to create masterpieces? Make it together with ArtPhoto!!!

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