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Chủ đề ::: Texas Hold'em Poker Pro - Dành cho VIP [27/09/2011]

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    Mặc định Texas Hold'em Poker Pro - Dành cho VIP [27/09/2011]

    Texas Hold'em Poker Pro


    Viaden Media introduces Texas Hold'em Poker Pro – your best choice for a VIP social poker app!


    ♠ 1,000,000 chips + 2,000 golden chips FREE with purchase of the PRO version: you get 6 times more chips for $14.99 than with an in-app purchase in the free version!
    ♠ Super deals on chip packages: 90% discount for PRO version users
    ♠ 2 in 1: Omaha High and Texas Hold'em Poker in one app!
    ♠ Live Support 24/7

    You can use your free version account to play in the PRO version, or create a new one!

    Packed brim-full with bonuses, discounts and special features (+ more to come with updates!), Texas Hold'em Poker Pro is where a poker app meets VIP service and quality.

    More fun options:

    Social Rewards and Entertainment
    ♠ Invite your old and newly acquired friends to your table
    ♠ Send instant messages in public or private chat when in the lobby or at the table

    ♠ Make gifts and treat your friends to beverages
    ♠ Set status in the status bar

    ♠ Communicate with your opponents in your native language (localized into 6 most used languages)

    Poker Skill Development

    ♠ Get achievement points
♠ Receive new experience levels
♠ Win distinguishing signs
♠ Share your results on your Facebook wall

    Why play Texas Hold’em Pro by Viaden Media? Because IT IS AWESOME!

    You’ll also find in the Texas Hold’em Poker Pro app:

    - Detailed Texas Hold’em tutorial for beginners

    - Sit'n'Go tournaments
    - Omaha High
    - 2 types of game currency: regular chips and VIP golden chips
    - Table selection according to your preferences

    - Ability to log in via Facebook, Gamecenter, new account, Guest game
    - Personal account with an uploadable userpic and detailed user info
    - An integrated music player

    Link download

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    Bạn hack dc tiền trong game này ko? Nếu dc giúp mình với nhé, thanks
    I stand above this world, freed from all its rules !!!