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Chủ đề ::: MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR v1.0.3 [Electronic Arts]-Update 12/04- Xâm nhập vào căn cứ ngoài hành tinh

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    What's New in Version 1.0.3

    MASSIVE UPDATE! NEW BONUS MISSION! Now play as a captured Turian experiment victim. Can you escape the medical bay?

    Also, by popular demand, we’ve added the following features...

    • Manual Aiming – Use your own skills to take down enemies. Simply disable the “tap-to-aim” function in the Options section to try it. We’ve also improved the responsiveness of “tap-to-aim.”
    • New Mission Rewards – Earn bonus credits and boost War Assets if you score 3 stars on every checkpoint.
    • Paragon & Renegade – Now your facial scars and biotic colors will change with the choices you make (are you good or evil)?
    • Optimized for the new iPad – Discover high-resolution gaming like never before with smoother performance and Retina display enhancements!

    We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to improve overall gameplay. If you like Mass Effect: Infiltrator, let us know with a ★★★★★ rating, and we’ll keep bringing awesome new content!

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    đã có link jumbo cho mọi người ^^

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