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    Talking Power Gems ( 1 Game Kim Cương - Phiên bản mới - Đẹp mắt )

    Power Gems
    Version: 1.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)
    Category: Games
    Seller: Curious Bear Productions Pty Ltd
    Publish Date:2010-02-27
    Add to HIP: 2010-02-28
    Price: $1.99
    Size: 11.7 MB


    Power Gems features:

    3 types of Spells to cast when gems are matched:
    - Fire - Nearby gems explode. Larger spells create larger explosions.
    - Frost - Freezes every gem in the row or column. Larger spells issue perpendicular runs of frost.
    - Lightning - All nearby gems of the same color are electrocuted. Bigger spells can jump larger gaps.

    10 Magic Scrolls may be created with each spell cast:
    - Flame Strike - Explodes a single targeted gem.
    - Frost Strike - Freezes a gem and the one below it.
    - Rune Strike - Destroys all gems on the board containing the targeted rune.
    - Random Rune - Randomly changes the spell fragment rune of a chosen gem.
    - Free Move - Allows a gem to move 1 place without needing to cause a match, or costing power bar.
    - Free Motion - Adds 5 free moves to a gem. Useful for setting up spells of size 5.
    - Teleport - Allows any two gems to swap places. Useful for setting up spells of size 5.
    - Super Rune - Changes the runes of all matched gems to be the same. Guarantees a spell match.
    - Paint Drop - Repaints gems below, generally causing an instant match of at least size 4.
    - Hyper Color Burst - Repaints gems to the side, generally creating an instant match of size 5.

    4 Exciting game modes:
    - Classic - The power bar cost goes up with every turn, so try to finish each level in as few turns as possible.
    - Frantic - Keep matching to fill the power bar and beat the clock.
    - 100 - You've got 100 seconds of play time. Go!
    - Eternal - Just sit back, relax, and enjoy. The game will not end until you want it to.

    Power Gems features OpenFeint powered online location aware Leaderboards and Achievements.

    Gameplay Tips:
    - Don't let the power bar expire, or it's game over!
    - Fill the power bar to get to the next level.
    - Gem matches causing fire spells are worth more away from the edges of the board.
    - Gem matches causing lightning spells are worth more when gems of the same color are nearby.
    - Gem matches causing frost spells are worth more when there are no scrolls in the row or column.
    - It never costs power from the power bar to use a scroll. This makes the single free move and flame strike scrolls more powerful in later levels, where the cost of each move would otherwise be up to a quarter of the power bar.
    - In Classic mode, take your time to think about each move. In later levels, you can't afford to make less powerful moves! At higher levels, you need to make rune matches of size 4, before making matches of size 4 using scrolls, so your power bar doesn't decrease for the turn.
    - In Frantic and 100 modes, the clock stops during spell casting and board filling, so you are generally better off making a less powerful move quickly than powerful move after many seconds of thought. Scan the board for opportunities while spells are cast and the board is refilled.
    - Hoarding scrolls reduces the chances of receiving another scroll - so use them as quickly as you can.
    - Use Flame and Frost strike to reposition gems ready to create a match.
    - Use Random Rune to increase the chance of a match causing a spell cast.
    - Apply Super Rune to a gem, then give it a Paint Drop or Hyper Color Burst to create a spell of size 4 or 5.
    - More matched runes means more powerful magic!
    - Size 3 match - small spells are cast, less powerful scrolls are produced
    - Size 4 match - medium spells are cast, most powerful scrolls are produced
    - Size 5 and above match - enormous board clearing spells are cast, but no scrolls are produced
    - Your game is saved whenever you are interrupted by a phone call, return to menu or press the home key. Just select Continue Game from the main menu when you are ready to play again.


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